About Us



CAOFISR is a NGO that is run by the provisions of the Canadian-Ontario Law and does not represent or promote any kind of religious, political or racial agenda, and will not participate in any activities related to these issues.  Our objective and mission is to aid and assist in the provision and supply of basic necessities to support the community and to promote a safe life. Our main concern is always with the people, and how we can provide long-term sustainable support by developing or rehabilitating their resources. 


A group of Canadian-Iraqis formed the idea of beginning an organization to support the people of Iraq after watching their people be displaced from the continuous conflicts the country endured. The founders are a diverse group of Iraqis, representing the different minorities within the country but all having the same vision of a united and prosperous Iraq. Established in 2012, CAOFISR has now expanded into Iraq, Lebanon and Kenya. 


We are a legal Canadian International Non-Governmental Organization that is local in Iraq, and newly established in Lebanon and Kenya. Together with other agencies and organizations, we believe that we can jointly make a difference in the lives we touch. We are closely partnered with UN agencies and private sector donors. 



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